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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethnic Village Baba’s River between Lazarevac and Aranđelovac

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lazarevac-arandjelovacIt is located in the village Trbušnica, by the road Aranđelovac - Lazarevac.
Ethnic Village Baba’s river is tucked into a natural environment. Has a lake, where you can fish, enjoy the walking beside him or in the wonderful restaurants, relax watching the reflection on its surface ... The lake an the river are known as Babina Reka (grandmas river), by which this complex was named ...

The restaurant is built so that wherever you sit or stand your view of the surroundings is undisturbed. On the one hand you can watch the lake and woods, and on the other hand, your enjoyment will complete
a large fountain. Restaurant menu is diverse, offering great food and large, delicious portions.
In the evening lamps create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to surprise someone dear, you can book a romantic dinner by candlelight, the sounds of violins, wine ... If you want a recreation there is available table tennis, tennis, football, badminton...

It all can not conjure up the words, because of that it is best to come and to feel real magic ...