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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Moravski konaci

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moravski-konaciEthno Village is an ideal rest area (or so called travel plaza, rest stop, wayside park, roadside park or picnic area) with amazing tourist facilities and rest offers for travelers and tourists that are just passing through Serbia on their way to Eastern Europe (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Middle East, Serbian Province Kosovo, etc.) or the Western European countries (Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, etc.), but also for those who want to spend some time in Serbia and learn as much possible about this European country and its cultural heritage in a few pleasant days.

 Transit tourists on the European Corridor 10 can have an ideal stop to rest, eat, freshen up, have fun, sleep over, fuel up and carry on with their journey.

Tourists that’d like to spend some time in Serbia and learn about the culture, history and most of all how traditional cuisine, celebration, religion and history mix with modern European Serbian way of life can find it all in one place - Etno selo Moravski konaci - Ethno Village Morava Quarters.