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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Curan

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curanOnly ten kilometers from Belgrade city center, at an area of two hectares, the family Simonović land into a farm and opened the doors to tourists.
In the foreground there is a restaurant, a courtyard behind the bar, garden tables, pool for children and adults, chairs and swings in the sun and shade.

Far behind in the green is small zoo whose inhabitants (ostriches, emus, goats, chickens, ponies, horses, donkeys, rabbits, peacock and Vietnamese pigs) are waiting to be posed so that they can tweak to "socialize" with visitors ... And all this for “džaba”.

Rade, home host and the creator of everything in ethno village can see, working on "project" aims to achieve a dream - offers the menu in which food is sold "at cost price".
"Ćuran offers swimming, fishing, horseback riding, horses’ carriage, food for little money - said Rade. - The intent is to enjoy in this country, and food prices are lowest in the city.
Unlike the previous ethno villages for whose appearance is work of professional architects, owner of this property is did everything by himself. Indeed, if not at first sight, if you look close you will see the effort, time and love invested in this background that a whole village fulfilling with spirit.
As with all authentic villages and this keeps the tradition. The wooden, rustic space is placed on the walls of a vast collection of antique rugs and mirrors, and the rest has the barrel, and saddle, and small three legged chair, hanging from the ceiling 50 light lanterns, over each table "live" tank chandelier, chairs are covered by lace and embroidery , water gurgle in a fountain, and in the corner there is a piano, just in case…