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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ethno village Divljakovac

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divljakovacDivljakovac ethnic village was built on the slopes of Mount Bukulja, at an altitude of 380 meters overlooking the Aranđelovac city and the wider environment. At that altitude there is a winds cross that create environmentally healthy air.
In Divljakovac is located seven traditional houses shipped from several villages of Aranđelovac municipality, which is more than 200 years old, in order to illustrate authentic ambiance, but restored and modernly equipped.

Two houses are from around 1800. One is from the 1834, and one from 1917, while the other exceeded the two-century existence. Ethno village is fenced with woven fence and hash, trails are made of Ćeramida(special local long lasting tile), and there is an oven for baking bread, drums as garbage cans, harness, old cars, flowers ...
Vazats are the equiped as two four-bed suites with king beds, Jacuzzi, telephone, gas heating and connection to the Internet, as well as five double rooms.
18 beds