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Sunday, 25 February 2018


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zlatiborZlatibor Mountain in the southwestern part of Serbia was the destination for the wealthy since the mid-seventeenth century, and a place of temporary residence of those who are, above all, searching for health, but also for peace at slopes of Zlatibor, where a body restores energy.


However, the real tourism was developed only after the crowned head; Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenović came to visit. In the beginning the most interesting was the King's Water spring, a place where His Majesty had lunch at, but soon the word spread for other Zlatibor sites as well: Palisad and Ribnica became famous. And then, another Serbian King came to stay – Petar I Karadjordjević, in 1905. After his stay, the first major building was constructed: "King's waters" Hotel - today a convention center Serbia with hot summers and mild winters.