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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tara Mountain

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taraTara is located in the western part of Serbia, and belongs to the inner belt of the Dinarides and occupies an area of 183 km2. Tara has the length of 50 km, a width of 22 km and has an average altitude of 1,200 m.

The highest peak is Goat hill - 1591 m. It belongs to a group of mountains and has a complex geological history and diverse petro graphic structure. Tara is an 80% area of forest ecosystems. It has 34 forest and meadow communities detected. Of the 53 species of mammals, as they were recorded at Tara, the most attractive are the brown bear and wild goats. Of 135 species of birds, 43 are migratory and special emphasis is given to the most vulnerable species such as eagles, hawks and other scavengers. In the forests of Tara there are more than 251 species of fungi, of which 3 are poisonous. Fishing in the waters managed by the Tara National Park is a real pleasure. These waterways inhabited about 40 species of fish (salmon, grayling, catfish, carp, mrena.jez ...). The area of Mt is rich in archaeological sites dating from the Neolithic to the middle Ages. Known as a necropolis - tombstones in Perućac, are the remains of medieval fortifications of Solotnik and Rača monasteries, founded by King Dragutin Nemanjić in the 13th century.