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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Semetesko Lake

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semetesko-lakeBelow the mountain Kopaonik lies Semeteško Lake, eighty feet long and covered with reeds. Its water is always flashing green, the lake flows into the groundwater which is why people often describe it as mysterious and abysmal. Wonder of this lake are the floating islands moved by the wind.


Residents said that the lake in the middle is of a funnel shape, and that many divers come to explore the depth, but did not dare to dive deeper than ten meters due to strong currents that pulled them in depth. The old men of the area believe that the fairies used to gather on this lake, sometimes at night to listen to the voice of the water monster.

According to an old tale, a priest wanted to do harvesting on St. Cyril’s Day although his neighbors warned him that working on a saint day is a sacrilege. As soon as he started harvesting the water started boiling and rising and the earth opened, swallowing both him and the horses.

Apart from the adventurers, the lake also attracts fishermen because it is rich in carp.