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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Pancicev Peak and old mines

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pancicev-peakPančićev peak is the highest peak on Mount Kopaonik, situated in central Serbia. Hight of this summit is 2017 meters above sea level. It was named after a famous Serbian botanist Joseph Pancic.

Before the Second World War it was named Milan's peak, after the King Milan Obrenovic.

Ancient cities Maglic, Koznik, Brvenik, Zvecan and Ras were guarding the mines and the roads leading to them. Great wealth of Kopaonik mines, Serbian kings spent on permanent growth of the state and the construction of magnificent legacy. Kopaonik is named after the mines (mine – ser. kop). The largest open pit mine, White Hill, is located near the top. The mine and ore processing plants were closed after the ski resort was established.