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Sunday, 25 February 2018


Kopaonik fairytale
Kopaonik is the largest ski center in Serbia and offers countless beauties worthy of only an artist such as the Mother Nature.


floraFavorable natural conditions of the mountain range enabled the development of rich and diverse plant life that is researched by many scientists around the world.


Waterfall Jelovarnik

jelovarnikJelovarnik is the highest waterfall in Serbia with 71 meters height and it consists of three cascades. It is located on Kopaonik’s area of Jelovarnik, wher it got its name from, within the national park at an altitude of about 1,500 meters.



faunaKopaonik fauna is quite varied and significantly changed from the time when Joseif Pančić explored Kopaonik (100 years ago). In the 19th century in Kopaonik was home of bear, lynx, chamois, capercaillie, marten, otter...


Semetesko Lake

semetesko-lakeBelow the mountain Kopaonik lies Semeteško Lake, eighty feet long and covered with reeds. Its water is always flashing green, the lake flows into the groundwater which is why people often describe it as mysterious and abysmal. Wonder of this lake are the floating islands moved by the wind.


Samokovska River

samokovska-riverClear water, huge beech and spruce, flowers and pale green grass make the environment of Samokovska River. The river emerges near the tourist center and flows down the falls and rapids to the foot of Jošanicka spa.


Josanicka Spa

josanicka-spaJošanicka Spa is located on the slopes of Mount Kopaonik, in the valley of the river Jošanica and its tributary Samokovka. The spa has five springs of mineral waters, which are considered among the hottest in the country.


Celestial chairs

celestialCelestial chairs or Crkvina archaeological site originates from late antic (III / IV century) and
early Christian period (end of V / VI century). It is located at an altitude of 1800 meters, below
homonymous hill, under the Pančić peak on Kopaonik.


Mijatovic Gap

mijatovic-gapOn 1920s Dragan Mijatović, despite disbelief of farmers and engineers, conducted water from the top of Kopaonik on his property through an 18 km long canal, over the huge rock, precipices and so steep cliffs that some say "a bird could not stop to rest."


wineDesigned for wine lovers is another tempting tour. It is a tour of the Parish Aleksandrovac that has long been known for this divine drink.


Red Puddles

red-puddles“Red Puddles” is a large area of moorland at high altitude. Red ponds are located on flat area of Kopaonik, in wooded areas, overgrown with fir and spruce forests.

Pancicev Peak and old mines

pancicev-peakPančićev peak is the highest peak on Mount Kopaonik, situated in central Serbia. Hight of this summit is 2017 meters above sea level. It was named after a famous Serbian botanist Joseph Pancic.


Djavolja Varos

djavolja-varosĐavolja varoš - Spomenik prirode „Đavolja Varoš“ čine dva, u svetu retka, prirodna fenomena: zemljane figure, kao specifični oblici reljefa koji u prostoru deluju vrlo atraktivno, i dva izvora jako kisele vode sa visokom mineralizacijom.


Metodje and Geyser

metodjeThe small church is nestled in a rock and was built during the Turkish reign as a refuge place from the Turks. It was dedicated to Saint Methodius, a martyr, Bishop of Patra and Lykia. The church and the area is called Metođe.